Golf Cart Request

Procedures for requesting a golf cart for competitors in the Evansville Courier & Press Men’s City Golf Tournament

As a general rule, players must walk the course at the Evansville Courier & Press Men’s City Golf Tournament and qualifying rounds (“Tournament”). Consistent with the Americans with disabilities Act (“ADA”), a disable player may be permitted to use a golf cart as an accommodation to his disability. As required by the ADA, the Tournament Committee (“Committee”) will evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis.

If a player is permitted to use a golf cart, the following restrictions will apply:

1) Only one person may ride in a cart.
2) The player’s clubs may not be carried in a cart driven by him unless he has no caddie.
3) The cart driver must abide by all of the cart rules at the host golf facility, such as rules relating to cart fees, rules restricting where carts may be driven, and rules relating the minimum age required for cart drivers.

In order for the Committee to properly evaluate the merits such requests while maintaining the fundamental fairness of the the golf competition, it is necessary for players requesting this accommodation to submit medical documentation. This documentation must explain: 1) a player’s disability as defined by the ADA (temporary conditions may not be covered), and 2) the medical need for the golf cart that results from the disability. The committee will use this information to insure that granting an accommodation will not give the player an advantage over the other competitors.

The required documentation should take the form of a report from the physician who has evaluated the player’s condition. The information contained in the report should include:

1) The name of the disability,
2) The extent of the disability,
3) The prognosis for improvement,
4) The current objective abnormalities and how they impede upon the player’s ability to walk in general and during a golf tournament,
5) How far the player is able to walk without stopping,
6) What prohibits the player from walking further,
7) How long the player is able to stand, and,
8) Whether the player uses ambulatory aids and if so, the length of time and circumstances under which these aides are used.

This documentation must be provided to the Committee prior to the expiration of the time to submit entries to the Tournament. If the Committee denies the cart request, the player may withdraw from the Tournament if he wishes, and if he does so within 48 hours of notification of the denial, he will receive a full refund of his entry fee.

Except for minors, all requests for golf carts must be made by the player. For minors, only parents or legally-appointed guardians may submit a request for a golf cart.

Transportation for Disabled Spectators at the Evansville Courier & Press Men’s City Golf Tournament

As a general rule, carts will not be rented or provided to spectators. If requested by a disabled spectator, transportation will be provided to and from a viewing location selected by the Committee. Click here to contact the Committee.